A panel reviews Paria /FARZANEH at LWFM, commenting on how gender binaries are being challenged in this bold yet fragile collection. Source: Youtube, SHOWstudio, Paria /FARZANEH

Increasing consumer concern pushes fashion brands to embrace radical transparency and sustainable production methods. Source: Youtube, BoF

Fashion brands are increasingly under pressure to make manufacturing practices more transparent, and brands like Nike are making their data available to industry watchdogs and the general public alike. FashionUnited we have created graphics from the otherwise dull spreadsheet data, to help you comprehend […]

In the 90s emerges a wave: the antifashion trend. The deconstruction and material recycling shook the fashion world of glitzy sequins and has created an utterly different aesthetics, which current designers are still borrowing analogies from 20 years on. Source: Youtube, Rei

Fashion's not-so-glamorous side is explored in this informative documentary. Source: Youtube, ethical fashion, recycling

Learn about the world's most famous luxury label in this concise video. Source: Youtube, Louis Vuitton

Bazaar talks to designer Michael Halpern on how he launched is own fashion label, disco, and what inspires him. Source: Youtube, Harper's Bazaar Arabia

An informative short documentary on the Christian Dior house and its indelible mark on the history of fashion. Source: Vogue, Youtube

The pop girls group takes Vogue to Coach's pre-fall show in Shanghai. Source: Vogue, Youtube

British Vogue collaborated with a fashion brand to create a collection, a first in the history of fashion. Source: British Vogue, Youtube

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